"ArianSky" International Air Freight Company

Air freight and cargo export Services, import and clearance of shipment

The first and the only air freight company member of the IATA and WWPC in Iran


With a strong import, export and delivery of passenger cargo all around the world


The most reputable company in sending air cargo abroad

Arian Aseman Mardin Company, by employing a team of specialized and experienced personnel, with the purpose of serving customers and taking their needs, has provided services international freight transportation. Our services cover all customer needs from cargo packing at the origin, Lading Air way bills issuance and air cargo transportation by world-renowned airlines, to customs clearance at customs and delivery to the destination.

Arian Aseman Mardin Company, in order to meet the needs of its customers with the options available in the transportation market, has expanded cooperation with international airlines and other transportation companies in different parts of the world. As a result of our efforts, membership in the IATA International Union as the first Iranian air freight company and also having membership in this group, tries to improve the Variety and quality level of services and improve existing standards so that it can satisfy and trust airline service applicants and Draw the sea beforehand.
For easy access of customers, our staff in the freight office of Imam Khomeini International Airport as well as the Tehran office, are ready to answer questions and make the necessary arrangements for freight, import and export of Items.


Warehousing services

Warehousing services for perishable shipments and also ones that require to be scheduled

24-hour support

24-hour support of Arian Aseman specialized company of air and sea freight

Issuance of air bill of lading

Licensed to issue air waybills from reputable international airlines to carry all kinds of items in the Imam Khomeini Airport office

Door to Door Services

Freight transport service from the origin company, shipping and delivery in the destination company

Cargo plane charter

International cargo planes charter to transport Legal shipments to all countries of the world

Sending Passenger Cargo

Usually travelers and students who intend to travel or emigrate abroad often face the problem of overload or intend to take their home and personal belongings abroad (countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Turkey, UAE, UK, Germany, Sweden, etc.) Sending such loads at reasonable and cheap prices is called "freight". Arian Sky Air Freight Company is one of the most reputable Air freight agencies in terms of exporting shipments abroad.

Freight to Canada Freight to England Freight to Germany Freight to Australia Freight to America Freight to Sweden Freight to France

Export Cargo

Production and trading companies need to connect with international markets and the Commonwealth to develop and upgrade themselves, given that they have developed due to overseas marketing and to present their small companies. This is done by "exporting cargo" and sending commercial samples.
Arian Sky in sending and exporting all commercial and non-commercial items, sending special cargoes and dangerous items, sending industrial and exhibition items, exporting food and agricultural industries, sending works of art, exporting chemical drugs, etc. with the best professional and specialized staff Provides consulting, preparation and service to reputable companies and exporters.

Export Cargo to China Export Cargo to Emirates Export Cargo to Qatar Export Cargo to England Export Cargo to Canada Export Cargo to Germany

Import of goods to Iran

Arian Sky Company, with the maximum number of international airlines that fly to Iran, can use the representatives present in the global forwarding networks, as well as other companies acting as a member of transportation and transfer items of IATA, Are able to budget. From most parts of the world such as China, UAE, USA, Asian and European countries, with low competitive costs, import items and also clearance it to Iranian traders, make it easy and convenient.

Guide to importing goods to Iran Guide to importing goods to Iran Import goods from China

Sending live animals

Sometimes we need to send our pet (such as dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, etc.) abroad by airmail. We are committed to transporting your pet to all parts of the world with the best air transport conditions, in accordance with international laws and regulations, and delivering it to your destination.

Send a pet by plane A guide to sending a live animal by plane

Carrying dangerous goods

Transportation of dangerous goods is more important. Because dangerous cargo, especially in air transport, can be very accidental if you do not comply with international standards.
"Arian Sky Company" with full knowledge of these rules and regulations and by employing trained staff, has specialized in handling such shipments and has provided peace of mind for customers and airlines.

Air transport of dangerous goods Guide for transporting dangerous goods

Carrying a corpse by plane

Ariansky Mardin Company is able to carry out customs procedures and send deceased bodies from Iran to other international destinations with the lowest costs. In the case of bodies that must be returned to Iran from abroad, the representatives of the parties to the contract with this company have such facilities at most points of entry. For more information, see the page on-air delivery of corpses with coffins.

Send aerial corpses with coffins

Air freight Packaging

The most important part of freight is the packaging and preparation of your items. If your home appliances and commercial Items, which are to be transported by plane, are not properly packaged, your items may be seriously damaged. These damages are not able to pay the cost of sending their cargo if it is multiplied.
"Arian Sky Company" with full knowledge of the international standard packaging rules, with a free consultation and standard packaging of your equipment, leave no concern about cargo security, shipping, packaging problems, transportation at the airport, and non-standard packaging.

Air Freight Packaging

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