Guidelines for Air transit of human remains

1Transporting human remains from Iran to other countries
If passengers with tourist visas or foreign residents in Iran pass away, Arian Aseman is able to ship your loved one’s remains with full logistical support services and completed customs formalities at the lowest rates In order to transport human remains from Iran to other countries, you should go through the below procedures: ü Making arrangements ü Providing required documents ü Paying shipping costs
a) Making arrangements: According to clear international rules and conventions, human remains should be embalmed before transit as they rapidly decompose. Evisceration and embalming are prophylactic measures that preserve human remains during the flight and prevents the possible spread of infection. The embalmed remains are kept separately in a refrigerated room under a doctor’s control until documents are readied by the deceased’s family. The process takes at least a half day. After making the necessary travel arrangements the person’s remains are kept in a sealed coffin and the agency will deliver it to the airline company and kept in storage isolated from all other transit freight. Arian Aseman can rapidly ship human remains from Tehran without any worry or anguish being created for the family of the departed.
b) Documents: The medical certificate should be translated into English by an official translation bureau and duly stamped and signed by the embassy of the country of destination in Iran. The passport of the departed person and the other documents are also needed. Customs formalities should be completed and the above mentioned documents should be delivered to the airline company.
c) Shipping costs: Usually the weight of the shipment is calculated between 100 kg to 120 kg and the rate varies depending on the airline and flight routes. Human remains are stored separately from other luggage in the cargo area during the flight and the temperature of the storage area prevents the remains from decomposing.
2Transiting human remains to Iran from abroad
According to Law 22 of the Registry Office, the family of the departed person should refer to an Iranian embassy in their country with the departed person’s death certificate to declare his/her death and then proceed to ship the departed person’s remains after obtaining the following documents :
1- The completed death registry forms that are to be had and completed in the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in the country of origin.
2- The original death certificate issued in the country of origin.
3- The original death certificate issued by the hospital.
4- A certificate which certifies that the departed did not have any epidemic diseases.
5- The original ID card of the departed and his/her spouse.
6- The original Iranian passport of the departed.
7- Copies of all papers related to the transit request. If the departed person’s family is resident in Iran, they can refer to the Office of Foreign Affairs in Tehran and personally request the shipment. Arian Aseman Air Cargo Services is ready to undertake the entire process of returning human remains from abroad to Iran, with the help of professional lawyers and with no need of your present at these governmental facilities.

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