Guidelines for Packing Household Goods for Air Transport

1Guidelines for Packing Household Goods for Air Transport
The most important part of air transit is packing and preparing goods for shipment.
Inappropriate packing of household appliances and commercial goods can cause damages and heavy losses, even when goods are shipped in the shortest time. For your benefit, it is essential to spend time and money on packing your goods as efficiently and safely as possible. Standard items for packing air freight materials like cartons, wooden boxes etc., are commonly available.
Arian Aseman’ expert human resources can provide you with these items and quickly advise you about packaging costs.

For your information read the points mentioned below:
Basic and secure packing conditions for shipping commercial and other goods
1. Absence of any empty spaces, tears of holes in the boxes.
2. Absence of any signs of old and misleading labels on the boxes.
3. Existence of a bar code on all of the boxes including the shipper’s contact details and the consignee’s contact details.
4. All of the labels should be covered with adhesive tape to avoid any possible scratches or damages.
5. Heavy cartons and fragile commodities should be marked with heavy cargo labels or fragile cargo labels on the boxes.
6. Fragile goods should be meticulously and firmly wrapped.
7. Each box should only include one type of goods.
8. Boxes should be chosen according to the weights they will carry.
9. Empty space should be filled with materials which act as a buffer.
10. When there are many cartons, be careful not to put heavy boxes on top of boxes.

For packing and shipping your household appliances, you should only rely on our seasoned experts.

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