Guidelines for Livestock Shipping or Pets

1Livestock shipping subsumes two groups:
a- Pets
b- Other animals
2Live animals are accepted according to the following:
1- The local rules of the destination
2- International rules
3- The airline rules
4- The rules of the country of origin

Accepting consignments of live animals requires prearrangements. The points listed below should also be followed:
The medical condition of the pets should be sound. Only animals whose health is confirmed by the airline are accepted. Pregnant animals are allowed only with a veterinary certificate in special circumstances. A few breeds are not accepted according to governmental or airline rules.
The printed request for shipping live animals, medical certificates and other required documents should be delivered to the agent on time and well in advance.

Other documents needed for shipping live animals include:
• An entry permit from the country of destination.
• Valid International veterinary documents.
• Quarantine documents from the airport veterinarian.
• Valid vaccination documents.
• The ID card and passport of the animal.
• Complete and accurate application form for shipping live animals.
3Storage Conditions for live Animals (Enclosure Conditions)
The enclosure in which the animal is kept should meet the following conditions:
• It should be solid, secure and clean
• It should be secured by a strong lock
• It should have appropriate ventilation
• It should have enough space for the animal
• It should be constructed so as to prevent any possible leakage The owner of the animal has to feed it with light food some hours before the flight to avoid any problems and put plenty of water inside the cage. Using a collar or other restraints for the animal inside the enclosure is forbidden.

The animal will be delivered to the consignee at the destination according to the form filled out for shipping a live animal. As per this form the owner should pay for possible extra costs such as veterinary fees, quarantine charges, housing, feeding, miscellaneous fines or returning the animal to the point of origin. The airline bears no responsibility in any of these instances.
For shipping other animals including pets and wild animals, it is necessary to obtain export and import permits according to the rules of the countries of both origin and destination.
After obtaining the required government permits, the owner of the animal should contact the airline agent and inquire about the rules of the airline.

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