Guidelines for Dangerous Goods

1Guidelines for Dangerous Goods
Packing and shipping dangerous goods in Iran, is one of the fields in which Arian Aseman is fully experienced and offers the finest in professional services.
You can rest assured that with Arian Aseman Air Cargo Services as your consultant and shipping agent, your dangerous goods will get to the destination safely and without hindrance.
Dangerous goods are those items which endanger the passenger or the flight’s safety. Shipping these goods under national and international rules requires great care and meticulous attention to worldwide regulations, in-flight protocols and legally mandated conventions. These guidelines include important points for packing, the quality of the packaging materials, temperature and warehousing conditions.
2Shipping dangerous goods requires followings:
• Using appropriate containers according to international standards (UN Approved Boxes)
• Considering the space limitation in the packages
• Following and implementing packing guidelines
• Using absorbents in the packages
• Marking and labeling the outer surface of the packages
• Providing required documents
• Separating incompatible dangerous goods

Avoiding shipping dangerous goods which are forbidden to be transited by freighters or passenger airplanes
• For exporters’ and shippers further information on the list of dangerous goods are mentioned below:

Class 1: Explosives
Class 2: Flammable gases
Class 3: Flammable liquids
Class 4: Dangerous solids
Class 5: Oxidizers
Class 6: Poisonous materials and infectious materials
Class 7: Radioactive materials
Class 8: Corrosive materials
Class 9: Dangerous goods

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