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1How many kilograms are leaving passengers allowed to take out?
Leaving passengers, no matter Iranian or foreigner are allowed to take Iranian goods and alsogoods made abroad as well as their personal things less than a fixed amount specified in passenger’s regulation. If only that is not a case of trading.
Passengers who are travelling to free zones are not included. Passengers who are leaving via those zones are supposed to declare their goods to custom.
2What are rules of exporting antiques and handwritten books?
Antiques and written books are not allowed to be exported.
3How foreigners who permanently live in Iran are able to get their personal things out of the country?
Foreigners who work or study in Iran are allowed to get their personal things out of the country without need to show any commercial card. Their goods should not exceed fixed amounts.
4What is the maximum amount of nut each passenger is allowed to get out of the country?
Passengers are allowed to have various kinds of nut only if those are untradeable. Maximum amount of pistachio for each passport is 10 kilograms. Foreigners do not have to obey this rule.
5How much caviar are passengers allowed to get out of the country?
No passenger is allowed to have caviar any more than 125 grams.
6Are passengers allowed to carry jewelries, if yes to what limitation?
Passengers are allowed to get gold and its derivatives (less than 150 grams) out of the country.
If valuable stones (diamond, emerald ...) are attached, their total weight should not exceed 1 carat.
7Is it legal to pass silver containers as souvenir?
Silver containers and equipment are exportable unless they are antiquities.
8Are passengers allowed to pass musical instruments? If yes under which circumstances?
Passengers are allowed to carry all musical works (CDs…) which have been legally published. Getting out those art works to any extend is allowed due to obeying all exporting rules.
9How it is possible to send visual and computer works outside the country?
It is allowed sending such productions out of the country even without having special permissions.
10Is it possible to send stationaries and written objects abroad?
It is allowed sending written objects (book, stationaries…) via postal agents without any governmental permission.
11Are passengers allowed to carry all kinds of cultural relics?
Passengers are allowed to get all kinds of cultural relics as postal or trading object except:
1. Holly Quran without special stamping on that.
2. 35mm film negatives
3. Handwritten and lithographed books.
4. Art works and musical instruments which are referred as cultural relics.
12 Which goods are forbidden to be transited?
1. Alcoholic drinks.
2. Backgammon and gambling stuff.
3. Weapons and explosive material.
4. Drugs.
5. Pictures, stationaries, films and any production fraud upon Islamic rules.
6. Any written object against common religion or country laws.
7. Other objects which are forbidden due to custom rules.
8. Antiquities or cultural relics are not allowed to be transited according to Myers cultural organization.
9. Antiquities, old art works, handwritten and lithographed books, calligraphies, miniatures and ancientcoins.
13What are rules on exporting handmade carpets?
1. Each passenger is allowed to carry handmaid carpets less than 20 meter square. There is no limitation on the number since total area is less than the limitation. Whit no doubt it is against law to carry valuable carpets which belong to Myers cultural organization.
2. There is no obligation for sending mentioned goods to UAE and other Persian Gulf countries with passengers. Countries with holly places (Iraq, Syria, and Arabia) are exceptional.
3. Carrying carpets is legal via sea and land borders.
14Are passengers allowed to import jewelries and gold? If so to what extend?
Passengers are allowed to bring their personal jewelries wearing them such as: ring, bracelet, necklace, watch… not more than usual. Carrying more than that is subjected to central bank permission
15What are rules on carrying pets?
Health consumption ability certificate is needed and as a trading process, more certificates are needed.
Some specious and vegetal items are not allowed to be sent without any return due to genetic bank rules.
16What are rules on importing drugs?
Few amounts as much as personal needs can be easily released. More amounts need special documents.
17How many cigarettes each passenger could carry?
Each passenger is allowed to carry a complete box (200 cigarettes) or 50 cigars. Moreover each passenger is allowed to carry tobacco less than 250 grams.
18How long are temporary permitted cars allowed to be driven in Iran?
Cars imported from Persian Gulf countries are allowed to be driven for 3 months obeying custom laws 142,144 and 78. This time can be extended for cars imported from other countries under some circumstances.
19What are special rules on definite importation?
All necessary documents should be enclosed are: warehouse warrant or delivery order,bill of landing, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, admission permit (import order registration) health or standard certificates (in case of necessary), packing list, pro-form invoice attorney paper or introductory letter in case declaration is an attorney or employee commercial card and other documents that are necessary for definite clearance.

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