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Equine Care

Equine Care

It’s reassuring to travel with friends
we understand that transporting thoroughbreds requires exceptional care. With custom-designed stalls in state-of-the-art freighter aircraft, controlled temperature zones and on-board grooms, we ensure your horses travel safely and comfortably in the air to enable peak performance on the racetrack.


  • 1- Includes groom documentation
  • 2- Includes horse stalls
  • 3- Accompanying grooms
  • 4- Trained and experienced groom assistance

For complete reassurance, expert veterinarian teams and equine specialists are on call at all times, and grooms* are permitted to accompany their horses throughout the journey. Working in line with the IATA's Live Animals Regulations, we pride ourselves on offering one of the most stable environments for thoroughbreds, both in the air and on the ground

Please if you have any questions, see the FAQ section and if you do not find your answer, please contact us.

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