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The best in exporting your cargos to foreign countries

Predicated on our extensive experience in international freight handling and a highly motivated staff of top tier experts, Arian Aseman Air Cargo Services offers a wide range of freight forwarding services via air, land, sea and invaluable transit support logistics tailored to our customers’ demand.
Arian Aseman is the official agency of all the active and reliable international airlines in Iran. It has offices nationwide and provides a broad spectrum of services in Tehran, Imam Khomeini Airport. We are renowned for our high customer rating indices and serve as a beacon of consistency, quality and reliability in this industry.
What is more, the company is constantly upgrading and improving the level and variety of its services, standards and competitiveness in order to insure customer trust and provide ever increasing satisfaction.
Our core aim is to establish long term customer relationships by providing fast and reliable freight forwarding services at reasonable rates.

  • Dangerous Goods

    imagine, you need to transfer live specimens to a diagnostic and testing facility in the shortest possible time, or you have to send blood samples to a specialist laboratory to save a loved one.

    1- State-of-the-art freighters for controlled movement of dangerous goods
    2- your goods delivered when and where required
    3- specialized teams to address your immediate needs
    4- access to the vast capacity emirates fleet.

    1- Flexible and dynamic solutions
    2- Readily available charters can be arranged on short notice
    3- Flown as booked
    4- 24/7 security & surveillance
    5- Dedicated handling facilities
    6- All class of dangerous goods accepted
    7- Strict adherence to IATA and ICAO regulations
    8- Specialised in the transportation of classes 6 and 7 medical shipment

  • Cool Chain Perishables

    For temperature controlled cargo

    imagine a process where temperature-sensitive goods were protected to perfection? How delightful could tomorrow become, knowing that the finest Norwegian salmon satisfy discerning palates in japan? Or that a selection of beautiful flowers picked in Holland could remain as fresh for a Dubai wedding the next day?

    Cool Chain Perishables

    Perishable and temperature-sensitive goods

    when delivering mountains of strawberries of the most exquisite roses, guaranteeing freshness means controlling temperature.

    Features at a Glance

    Quick ramp transportation
    Trained personnel
    Protection from extreme conditions
    Covers for ramp handling
    Temperature controlled handling
    Temperature controlled storage
    Expedited delivery on arrival
    White Cover option available

Cargo tracing


November 20, 2014

عزم بسیار جدی ایران برای خرید تجهیزات فرودگاهی

ه‌گزارش خبرنگار خبرگزاری صدا و سیما ؛ سعید اکبری با حضور در یکی از نشست‌های اجلاس هوانوردی ایران2016 در تهران با اشاره به اعلام مدیرعامل شرکت فرودگاه‌ها مبنی بر اختصاص 250 میلیون دلار برای خرید تجهیزات فرودگاهی افزود: ترجیح می‌دهیم برای توسعه فرودگاه‌های کشور از مدرن‌ترین تجهیزات استفاده کنیم.
November 20, 2014

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